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El Caminito del Rey

Created: Saturday, 04 February 2017

El Chorro is a haven of beauty and tranquility around an hour and a half north of Málaga, perfectly accessible for those who are looking for apartments for sale in Estepona, and who enjoy climbing and other non-beach activities! Aside from the breathtaking turquoise lakes, climbing, hiking and camping attractions, it is also well known for El Caminito del Rey - the King's Walk - which opened in 1921 by king Alfonso XIII who walked along its path and gave it its name. 

It had since fallen into disrepair, and gained the reputation of being one of the most dangerous hiking routes in the world due to the dizzying heights and precarious holds. After some casualties, the walkway was closed, and the first 30m were removed so that it was no longer "walkable". It became an "unofficial" climbing destination, reserved for only the most experienced and sanguin climbers, yet it continued to claim lives.

However, in 2012 a serious effort was made to restore the walkway in its entirety, and it is now open to the public in all its glory. The hike takes about 3 1/2 hours and is accessible to almost anyone who is able to walk 2.9km comfortably, and the walkway is surrounded by 1.5m high railings, so the risk involved in the undertaking has been dramatically reduced.

Recently Ivan Hamitov published this awesome drone video which shows the route and surrounding areas - a must see if you are in or around Málaga on your search for your Costa del Sol home.   


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