Experts in Spanish Property

Why did you move to Spain?

I made the decision to move to Spain back in April of 2001. I just felt like I needed a new challenge in life, and the Costa del Sol was calling me. I made the bold choice to leave the United Kingdom and start anew in Spain. One of the main reasons for this move was that I was tired of the constant rain and cold weather in the UK!

What are you most proud of?

Golf is one of my passions and I am a single figure golfer.

What do you love most about property sales?

Meeting and working with interesting people from all over the world are one of the most rewarding aspects of being an estate agent. It allows you to expand your horizons, learn new things, and develop your interpersonal and professional skills.

From white-washed villages and hanging geraniums to sparkling glass-walled villas, the Costa del Sol marries modern life with traditional style.  Let us take you on a tour to discover the very best of the region